Welcome to the Energize Denver website!

On December 3, 2015, the City and County of Denver announced the Energize Denver initiative, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of existing commercial and multifamily buildings in Denver by 10% by the end of 2020 and double that in the following decade. Energize Denver will make Denver a national leader in energy-efficient buildings and result in wins for our local economy.

We estimate that getting the private sector to invest $340 million in improving the energy efficiency in Denver’s buildings would result in $1.3 billion in energy savings over 10 years and would create 340 good, local, permanent jobs.  Energize Denver aims to unlock these opportunities by building upon the programs in place today.

This website served as the repository for Energize Denver Task Force meeting dates, agendas, notes, and technical resources.  The task force has now finalized their recommendations.  See the ‘about’ tab for documents explaining their final recommendations and for the latest information on the process.

Please sign up for updates and give us feedback by emailing EnergizeDenver@denvergov.org