Why Energy Efficiency?

Denver is pursuing energy efficiency because:

  • A more-efficient Denver has great potential that will benefit the economy.  Investing an estimated $340 million in improving building energy efficiency in Denver would result in $1.3 billion in energy savings over 10 years.
  • In turn, these energy savings would result in the creation of 340 permanent, new, good, local jobs.
  • Unlocking this energy efficiency potential will benefit building owners because energy-efficient investments lower operating costs, increasing net operating income and resulting in a more valuable asset.
  • Energy efficiency will benefit businesses and help attract business to Denver because the energy savings in an energy-efficient building is equivalent to about a 50 cent discount in rent per square foot.
  • Energy efficiency can help keep housing costs affordable in Denver and could especially help low-income residents. Research has shown that energy efficient buildings are 35% more efficient than the average building, putting money back in families’ pockets and enabling affordable housing owners to limit rent for tenants while improving resident services.